Rob Liefeld Shares Gruesome Art Of Deadpool Killing Mickey Mouse


Rob Liefeld isn’t happy about the plans for Deadpool 3. He claims the fact that it isn’t on Disney’s schedule means they’re dragging their feet on the project and, as he said: “Until a movie is put on a schedule, it’s not taken seriously.” As such, he doesn’t see any chance of Deadpool 3 happening for at least five years and is intensely frustrated that the momentum built up by the first two movies is being squandered. Beyond that, it’s got to sting that the Fox merger has seen the X-Force film cancelled.

As a result, the comic book creator doesn’t seem to be worried about taking jabs at the Mouse House. When Bob Iger edited his Twitter banner to include Deadpool (which seemed like a promising sign to me), Liefeld made a post apparently indicating that he wasn’t fooled by this trickery. But now he’s gone one step further and hit Disney where it hurts: square in the rodents.

As you can see below, he’s posted a piece of art showing Deadpool hoisting aloft Mickey Mouse’s carcass by the tail. His tongue dangles uselessly from his mouth, his limbs hang lifelessly and blood seeps from a large bullet hole in his forehead. It’s not, shall we say, a family-friendly image.

Liefeld described the photo as “super funny,” though many comments are pointing out that he’s likely actively harming Deadpool 3 getting made. Responses ranged from “I like you Rob but now this is just cringe” to pointing out that this “isn’t helping your case” and that gif of Ryan Reynolds facepalming in despair.

Let’s hope that Disney won’t hold a grudge over Liefeld’s glee of their beloved mascot being violently defiled, as I’d really like to see Deadpool 3 get made this decade.