Rob Liefeld Reacts To Disney CEO Adding Deadpool To His Twitter Header


These are some strange times for all of us, Deadpool included. Since the release of the second film that starred the wonderfully-cast Ryan Reynolds as Marvel’s zaniest antihero, the Merc With a Mouth has been moved – like so many of his super-powered colleagues – from Twentieth Century Fox to Disney following the massive merger that took place early last year.

But while Wade Wilson’s arrival into the MCU continues to be eagerly anticipated by fans everywhere, the sheer prospect of seeing him cross over into other properties has caused quite the stir. Indeed, not only does Deadpool’s vulgar, nonsensical and ultra-violent tone clash with the admittedly loony though still extremely family friendly one of the Avengers, but the character’s creator, Rob Liefeld, has spent the last few weeks proclaiming that Disney was not going to move forward with the franchise.

This week, the feud between Liefeld and Disney CEO Bob Iger reached new heights, and it all started when the latter of the two changed his Twitter header to a fictional group portrait which prominently featured Mr. Pool. Those who are familiar with the history of this cat fight readily recognize Iger’s social media update as a calculated response to Liefeld’s confusing claims, one that confirms Disney is hard at work on a third installment of Wilson’s story.

As was to be expected, Liefeld responded to Iger almost immediately. Uploading a screenshot of the CEO’s Twitter profile on Instagram, he wrote, “Bob has a new header. I’m doing the Lord’s work here people” along with the slogan #neverstopneverstopping. Whatever the comic book artist meant to communicate with this admittedly cryptic post is unclear. However, given the hashtag, he seems to say that he will not be tricked into believing Iger.

Of course, the abundance of news regarding the production of Disney’s new Deadpool film would beg to differ, but that’s another story…or is it?