Rob Zombie shares BTS Grandpa Munster coffin fitting snap for ‘The Munsters’

The Munsters
Image via Universal/CBS

Rob Zombie has been releasing a steady stream of behind-the-scenes teasers for his upcoming The Munsters reboot film.

On Monday, we got yet another morsel of the delightfully light-hearted gothic family that resides in the spooky-looking mansion, 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

The horror director and Grammy-nominated metal musician took to Instagram to show off Daniel Roebuck getting sized for a “custom coffin.” Roebuck, who plays the Dracula-like Grandpa Munster in the film, “can’t just buy one off the rack,” Zombie explained.

It’s a fun little tidbit to be sure, but hang on, is Zombie making his reboot with totally re-invented looks for the characters? Though he’s sporting a mask, Roebuck’s hair is decidedly more clean cut than the classic Grandpa Munster look. Plus for a count, his look hardly seems to meet the requisite amount of sheer paleness to fully embody the character.

Not to worry though, it appears this isn’t a dress rehearsal coffin-fitting photo.

Previously, Zombie shared Roebuck’s Grandpa Munster done up fully in make up and costume, alongside Sheri Moon Zombie’s Lily Munster and Jeff Daniel Phillip’s Herman Munster on an on-set photo of the entire family at the Budapest set of 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

In those images, Roebuck looks appropriately pale, with the signature hair-parted-down the middle of the legacy design of the character and very curly sides that is completely in spirit of the original, but a bit more over the top. The designs for Lily and Herman are equally as faithful.

The Munsters began officially filming earlier this month. And though no release date is set, it’s expected to come out in theaters and Peacock at the same time.