Robert Downey Jr.’s First Movie Uncovered

Robert Downey Jr. has been acting for years thanks to his director father Robert Downey Sr. Now, video of Downey’s very first film role has been uncovered. The Huffington Post reports that while the Iron Man star’s first mainstream exposure came when he was cast for a season on Saturday Night Live, Downey actually made his film debut in one of his dad’s experimental films.

In the 1970 flick Pound, Robert Downey Jr. played a puppy alongside his sister Allyson, his mother Elsie and, I kid you not, Antonio “Huggy Bear” Fargas. Pound featured human actors acting like dogs. The full film has not been seen in decades but it has surfaced online and you can now listen close as Downey’s one line in Pound is a memorable one.

Check it out below.

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