Robert Downey Jr.’s Reportedly Only Done With The MCU For Now


Robert Downey Jr. may have spent many years as the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but if you’ll recall, shortly after Iron Man 3 arrived, his future in the franchise looked a bit unclear. Let’s not forget that Kevin Feige even admitted at the time that the role could be recast with a different actor, like we’ve seen with James Bond.

Of course, RDJ remained on board and went on to star in a whole host of other MCU movies, ultimately walking away from his final outing as Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame with $75 million for his troubles. And while that film seemingly concluded his time in the world’s biggest franchise, the speculation that he might one day return has never gone away.

Indeed, almost ever since the credits rolled on Endgame, fans have been discussing how and when Robert Downey Jr. could appear in the MCU once again and while nothing official has been announced as of yet, it seems like a certainty that he’ll be back one day. After all, this is Hollywood and money talks, and you can be sure that Marvel would offer him a hefty sum to return.

That being said, Downey Jr. himself seemingly shut down the speculation earlier this week, confirming that his time as Iron Man is “all done.” But as we know, actors lie all the time either because they have to – due to contracts, NDAs, etc. – or just because they don’t want to fully commit to something yet, and it seems RDJ may not’ve been entirely truthful here.

There’s been constant whispers, reports and rumors about how and when he’ll be back in the MCU and now, trusted insider DanielRPK has teased on Twitter that while Robert Downey Jr. may indeed be done with the role, it’s only “for now…” Though when exactly he’ll return is still unclear.

Of course, Marvel have yet to comment on any of this, but just by looking at the comments on DanielRPK’s post, you can see that not many people believe the actor when he says he’s done. In any case, only time will tell what happens with Robert Downey Jr. and the MCU, but it’s hard to imagine him never returning in any sort of fashion. Even if it’s just as an AI in Spidey or Ironheart’s suit.