Robert Duvall Wants To Boogie-Woogie In Trailer For A Night In Old Mexico

A Night In Old Mexico

Lonesome Dove writer Bill Wittliff started working on A Night In Old Mexico about 35 years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that the film was finally able to get made. Under the direction of Emilio Aragon and with Robert Duvall in the lead, Wittliff’s story of a rancher forced off his land came to life, and is now gearing up for a release later this spring.

Today, we’ve got a brand new trailer for the film, which sets the stage for the story quite well. It familiarizes us with Red Bovie’s situation and then highlights some of the more action-packed elements that you’ll find here. This isn’t a traditional action flick by any means, but considering that its two main characters are an old man and a fairly wimpy young man, I was surprised by how effective the action was. The trailer also teases off a good chunk of the plot, but it’s hard to pack such a rich character story into a mere two minutes.

A Night In Old Mexico is one of the best films I saw at SXSW this year. The action is thrilling, the drama is tense, and yet it still has a heartwarming and important story at its core. Duvall is excellent as Red Bovie, crafting a character that I’ll certainly remember for quite some time, and overall it’s just one of those movies that I’d feel comfortable recommending to just about anyone.

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A Night In Old Mexico hits theaters and On Demand on May 16th.