Robert Pattinson Says Downey Jr. And Chris Evans Are His Inspirations For Playing Batman

Batman Begins

There’s always a perceived divide between the Marvel and DC universes and everyone involved with them, but it seems The Batman star Robert Pattinson has a lot of admiration for the actors who play the Avengers in the MCU and has cited them as major inspirations when it comes to joining the superhero world himself in the upcoming DCEU film.

While speaking to Healthy For Men Magazine, Pattinson revealed why he wanted to take on the role of the iconic vigilante, discussing his interest in getting to grips with the “full physical transformation” required to become the Dark Knight.

“In every project I’ve ever taken on, I’ve come into it wanting to learn and achieve new things,” he explained. “That’s usually in the embodiment of a character, and someone who has a different personality to me; but taking on a full physical transformation as well feels even more exciting.”

Pattinson went on to admit that he’s had periods when he’s been nervous about portraying such a beloved, well-known character, especially when he puts himself up against those he describes as “the true warriors of the superhero genre” – that’s Marvel’s Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. Not to mention fellow DC star Dwayne Johnson, who’s set to star in Black Adam. 

“Any actor will go through periods where they’ll hesitate and question whether they can live up to a character in a script, or the expectations that go with it…You look at the true warriors of the superhero genre — Hemsworth, The Rock, Downey Jr, Evans — and wonder if you’re putting yourself in the wrong place.”

The actor revealed that he’s shared words with some of those aforementioned stars and he knows that anxiety over the role is something that every superhero performer suffers from.

“And yet, having spoken to a few, I know everyone is nervous when the opportunity comes about.”

In contrast to tongue-in-cheek remarks he’s made before, Pattinson has actually been working out ahead of production recommencing on The Batmanas photos of him going for a run have shown. The actor outlines his fitness regime to Healthy For Men, too, including his restricted diet and exercise routine. Pattinson often likes to have fun in interviews, but these comments make clear that he’s taking the part of Bruce Wayne seriously and treating it with respect.