Robert Pattinson Shows Off His Batman Body With New Training Photos

Pattinson Batman

Ever since he was announced as the new Bruce Wayne, Robert Pattinson has had to field many unwelcome comments about his unsuitability for the role, including his physique. While other actors have variously bulked up or relied on the Batsuit, Pattinson has come in for increased scrutiny, most likely from those who were against his casting in The Batman from the beginning.

However important it may be, it does seem that the actor is at least keeping up his fitness during the lockdown. Some recent paparazzi photos show the Twilight star exercising in London, encouraging some reactions on social media to what appears to be his toned physique.

See for yourself below:

With UK production on Matt Reeves’ The Batman not yet resumed, despite receiving the go-ahead, it seems that Pattinson is now keeping himself busy and in shape, something that’s been difficult for most people during the lockdown. That hasn’t always been the case while the actor was in quarantine, though, with Robert recently revealing some of his more eccentric habits during his time in isolation. Pattinson also admitted last month that he’s not really doing much to prepare for going back to work on The Batman, including a dedicated workout regimen.

To be fair, there’s a difference between exercise and the insane routines that some actors go through before appearing in an action movie, as anyone who’s seen Kumail Nanjiani‘s body for The Eternals can attest. Moreover, Pattinson has been spotted out on runs around London during the lockdown, so it’s likely that his comments about doing nothing are more than a little tongue-in-cheek.

Pattinson’s response to the attention on him for The Batman has been admirable so far, considering the ways he’s used self-deprecating humor and a healthy dose of frustration with the paparazzi and unrealistic fan expectations to describe his experiences with the role to date. Indeed, he’s joked that he could always move into adult films if his time in the superhero spotlight doesn’t pan out, although given his acting chops, it’s difficult to see him not bringing something memorable to The Batman.