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Robert Pattinson Says He Absolutely Cannot Talk About Batman

Robert Pattinson's been quiet about his involvement in Matt Reeves' The Batman since the rumors broke out. And it looks like he's going to keep it that way.

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Ever since rumors started circulating that Robert Pattinson was being eyed for the title role in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, the former Twilight star has been the talk of the town. But not necessarily in a good way. While there has been some support for the 33-year-old actor, there’s also a petition on Change.org to replace him with Call Me By Your Name lead Armie Hammer.

With all that buzz flying around, Pattinson seems to be the only one who doesn’t want to – or perhaps isn’t allowed to – discuss it. Speaking with GALA Magazine, he quickly shut down the question that’s on most every Dark Knight fan’s mind:

GALA: What can you tell us about being chosen to be the next Batman?

R.P.: I’m sorry, but I absolutely can’t talk about that.

As of now, we know very little about The Batman. Warner Bros. also hasn’t confirmed Pattinson’s role in the film, and any details of the plot have been left under the table at this point (though Josh Gad, Nicholas Hoult and Sebastian Stan have been looking at roles as The Penguin and Riddler, respectively). But given that Reeves’ new project is set to enter production this December, more questions will have their answers soon enough.

What’s interesting to think about when it comes to Pattinson is his age. Fans all over the internet got excited when it was looking like the 32-year-old Armie Hammer was in final talks to star in The Batman. But multiple sources, and the actor himself quickly denied those claims. Then, THR reported that Reeves was “looking to cast a late 20-something actor,” driving an additional nail into the Hammer coffin.

But here’s the thing: Pattinson is older than Hammer. So unless Reeves still sees the teenage vampire in the actor’s eyes, there might be a change of expectations. And that would open the door for a whole bunch of other A-list performers. Personally, I’m still hoping to see Armie step foot in Gotham City. But I guess I’ll have to keep hoping.

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