Robert Pattinson Reportedly Doesn’t Like Matt Reeves’ Big Batman Twist

The Batman

What with all the intense interest in The Batman from DC diehards, it’s no surprise that plot elements from Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie have leaked online, with one surprising development in particular generating a lot of discussion. It’s clear from the footage we’ve seen so far that Robert Pattinson’s debut outing as the Dark Knight will be, well, dark, but this alleged twist teases corrupt versions of typically pure-hearted characters. Fans don’t know how to feel about this, and it seems Pattinson doesn’t support the idea either.

The leaked plot detail in question concerns Bruce’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, who will be reportedly revealed as far from the pillars of society they usually are. The Riddler’s war on Gotham’s elite is believed to lead to the World’s Greatest Detective uncovering the truth about his family’s connections to some unscrupulous activities, which will leave him reeling.

It’s a somewhat bold revisionist take on the Waynes from Reeves, though to be honest it’s a concept that was already explored in 2019’s Joker. It will definitely prove to be controversial once the movie comes out, though, and it’s said to have already caused some friction between the director and his star. A new rumor claims that Pattinson is not on board with the idea that Bruce’s parents were evil.

This bit of hearsay comes our way via Redditor u/SpideyForever245, who has proven accurate several times in the past so it’s worth giving what he has to say a look, although some may remain skeptical. The tipster’s very light on details, so it’s unclear why Pattinson is supposed to have a problem with this development. From what he’s said in interviews, it seemed like the darker sides of the Batman mythos were what really appealed to the British actor.

But maybe, like some other fans are feeling, this is just one change too far for Pattinson. We’ll have to see how audiences as a whole react to this twist when The Batman finally hits theaters next March.