Robert Pattinson Reportedly Wants No Part Of The SnyderVerse

The Batman

After spending the majority of his first post-Twilight decade reinventing himself as one of the most daring and exciting young actors in the business, Robert Pattinson jumped headfirst back into the world of big budget blockbusters with a pair of high profile Warner Bros. projects.

As well as being cast as the lead in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, he partnered up with Dark Knight Trilogy director Christopher Nolan for time-bending thriller Tenet, which was shooting during the audition process for the Caped Cruader’s latest reboot. The 35 year-old hilariously revealed in an interview last summer that he tried to pull a fast one on Nolan, claiming he had a family emergency to deal with so he could skip out on Tenet for a few hours, only for the filmmaker to turn around and say: “You’re doing the Batman audition, aren’t you?”

Indeed, Pattinson is now getting ready to reveal his Caped Crusader to the world and while we don’t know too much about his debut under the cape and cowl just yet, it’s sure to be a far cry from what we saw with Zack Snyder’s early DCEU efforts. And that’s probably a good thing, as a new rumor – which admittedly originated on Reddit and is light on details, though it does come from someone with a proven track record – claims that Pattinson was not a fan of the SnyderVerse movies and doesn’t want any part of their mythology.

Which is is just as well, really, when he’s not involved in it, nor is he going to be unless something drastic changes behind the scenes at the studio. Not only does The Batman exist in its own reality, but as far as everyone at WB is concerned, the SnyderVerse remains on ice for the foreseeable future if not eternity, so there’s likely nothing for him to worry about.