Robert Pattinson Reportedly Wanted More Of A Say On The Batman

Robert Pattinson

As we’ve discovered on countless occasions over the last decade, there are far too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to creating a DC Comics blockbuster, a lot of which has to do with the corporate structure. DC Films might be the production company responsible for churning out the movies, but the outfit is a subsidiary of the Warner Bros. Picture Group, which is itself a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., which is controlled by WarnerMedia, who are owned and operated by AT&T.

That’s five levels of boardroom red tape to cut through before a flick can hit the big screen, and it’s stating the obvious to say that it’s affected the DCEU’s output significantly over the years. However, from what we can gather, The Batman has been allowed to exist relatively independently from WB’s notoriously heavy-handed interference, but it still suffered from a fairly torturous production thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic.

During the course of a shoot that lasted nearly fifteen months from beginning to end, there were several reports emanating that said director Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson had found themselves at odds more than once. None of this has been confirmed by either party yet, and probably won’t be until the rebooted franchise reaches a natural conclusion which realistically might not be for another decade, but insider Daniel Richtman offers that the leading man wanted more of a say on his portrayal of Bruce Wayne, but the majority of his suggestions were either overlooked or ignored.

There are still eleven months to go until release, so we won’t know until then if The Batman was the product of a happy camp or not, but let’s just hope the movie is worth the wait and reboots the Caped Crusader in spectacular fashion.