Here’s How Robert Pattinson Could Look In The Batman: Earth One Costume


In addition to everyone wanting to hear how Robert Pattinson’s voice for the Dark Knight will sound (it apparently shares similarities to Willem Dafoe), I’m sure we’re all dying to see his costume to be worn in The Batman. Considering how this character has been around for 80 years, director Matt Reeves and his crew could go in a variety of directions.

As it so happens, there’s a rumor going around saying that aesthetic inspiration could very well be drawn from Batman: Earth One. For those unfamiliar, those were a pair of graphic novels (with more hopefully one the way) written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank retelling the Caped Crusader’s earlier years on the job in a universe separate from DC Comics’ regular continuity.

Upon hearing these whispers, digital artist John Regan (ShatterverseEnt on Twitter) wasted little time imagining how “Battinson” would look with a Gary Frank-inspired twist. Seen below are two mock-ups directly supplied by him. Though both feature the same suit, each have a different flavor. I think I may favor the one showing him in the rain, but I’ll let you decide which you prefer for yourself.

At this point, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen some of Regan’s other work pertaining to this movie. Not only did he previously draw up what had to be the best digital art pondering how Pattinson would look as Gotham’s guardian, but he did likewise for Zoe Kravitz mere hours after she was confirmed as being the new Catwoman.

Now that I’ve laid eyes on these pieces, I’m hoping this is the route Reeves goes. In addition to already loving the Batman: Earth One books themselves, I’ve also used this particular skin when playing Batman: Arkham City on numerous occasions. That said, seeing it on the silver screen would be a dream come true.

Strangely enough, the graphic novel in question served as inspiration for the screenplay Geoff Johns co-wrote with Ben Affleck for the canned film that was set to be directed by the latter. One has to wonder if the costume would’ve carried over as well, so hopefully we’ll learn more about that particular project as time goes on.

The Batman arrives in theaters on June 25th, 2021.