Robert Pattinson says guards dressed as Robin protect his Batsuit

the batman tv spot
Image via Warner Bros.

Robert Pattinson recently admitted to falsifying the truth during interviews for the sake of conversation, and it’s made us all love him even more.

Of course, there are several interviews where Pattinson’s true feelings come out, not that he tried to hide him — yes, we’re talking about Twilight, but knowing he makes stuff up just for fun sometimes is one of our new favorite things about the star.

He sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to talk about The Batman recently, and he shared a tidbit of information with fans who are curious about what goes on behind the scenes. Of course, we all know that Pattinson has quite a vivid imagination when answering interview questions, so you can take what he says next with a grain of salt.

“There’s a little cage somewhere in Warner Bros. costume department. It comes out with its own little guard and they’re both wearing little Batman outfits as well. They’re wearing little Robin outfits. They really don’t care. They don’t care. Which product they worked on because they’re the same people in the costume department who worked on every single one of The Batman movies. So, they don’t really care like who the director is or anything. Only that I do not mess these suits up.”

Do we desperately hope that Pattinson is telling the truth and people walk around in Robin outfits to guard the Batman suit? Of course. Is it likely? Not at all, but that doesn’t stop us from imagining it anyway. The actor is on top of the world as he anticipates the debut of The Batman, and longtime fans are just as excited to see him take on the role of the hero as he is to have played it.