Robert Pattinson May Star In An Entire Batman Trilogy

Batman Gotham

The Dark Knight’s among the most popular superheroes in comic book history, so the question of who’s going to play him in Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been on a lot of peoples’ minds. But the answer has been looming around Twilight star Robert Pattinson recently, and after screen tests alongside Nicholas Hoult earlier this week, it looks like Pattinson’s confirmed for the part.

However, there’s another detail that may come to light once the negotiations between Warner Brothers and the actor are complete. The deal, according to Deadline, may include options for two more films.

Given what we’ve learned so far about the cinematic universe surrounding the upcoming project, these two additional movies could indicate a Matt Reeves-directed trilogy. But this could also mean we’ll see Pattinson’s Caped Crusader in varying Gotham spinoffs?

In either case, this news will continue to polarize the DC community, many of whom are still on the fence about the casting choice. After all, those who disapprove of the 33-year-old actor probably have the image of the teenage vampire ingrained in their head.

But since that series came to a close seven years ago, Pattinson’s been showing off his acting chops in more dramatic roles. After appearing in movies like The Lost City of Z and High Life, it seems Hollywood’s finally taking him seriously. And he’s even confirmed to star in Christopher Nolan’s next film.

In any case, though we’re sure you’ve made your opinion known on this divisive decision, why don’t you tell us again in the comments below? Do you think Pattinson will nail it in The Batman? Or does three movies with him in the role sound like a fate worse than death?