Rogue One Trends As Fans Show Their Love For The Star Wars Spinoff


When it was first announced that Disney and Lucasfilm were planning on releasing a new Star Wars movie on an annual basis, alternating between the main installments and Anthology entries, there was some skepticism from the fanbase. Many people thought the studio would be more focused on the commercial side of things than the creative merits of the projects themselves, and new blockbusters set in a galaxy far, far away arriving every year would ultimately water down the brand in the long term.

However, a lot of those fears were assuaged when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hit theaters in December 2016. Taking a throwaway line of text from A New Hope‘s opening crawl and using it as the basis for an intergalactic heist thriller was an ingenious move, one that instantly set the film in a familiar universe but presented plenty of scope to tell a brand new story.

Although Rogue One faced the typical production problems that have plagued Star Wars throughout the entire Disney era, with director Gareth Edwards essentially being locked out of post-production as Tony Gilroy took the helm, it was still a massive success at the box office after raking in over a billion dollars.

In fact, over the last four years, a number of Star Wars fans have come to appreciate it as perhaps the finest installment in the entire franchise, lavishing it with praise. Now, the movie is once again trending for that very reason, and you can check out just some of the reactions below.

The Anthology experiment may have died a death when Solo tanked at the box office, but Rogue One fans will get to revisit the world when the prequel to a prequel Cassian Andor show eventually makes its way into production and onto Disney Plus.