Rogue One Trends Again As Fans Celebrate The Star Wars Spinoff

Rogue One

The last time fans, critics and general audiences were firmly in agreement over a Star Wars movie came five years ago when Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One hit theaters. Supporters of a galaxy far, far away widely regard the Anthology spinoff as the best effort of the Disney era, it holds a solid 84% score on Rotten Tomatoes and it raced to over a billion dollars at the box office.

Since then, though, things have been a lot more hit-or-miss. The Last Jedi split opinion down the middle and turned out to be the most divisive entry in the franchise yet, while Solo bombed hard but managed to almost instantly find a new life as a cult favorite, and most folks would agree that The Rise of Skywalker brought the nine-film arc started by George Lucas in 1977 to a painfully underwhelming conclusion.

Throughout it all, Rogue One has remained a beloved part of Star Wars canon, and it’s now trending worldwide for the third time in just a few months. The prequel captured the imaginations of Twitter users last November before doing the same thing a few weeks later to coincide with the fourth anniversary of its release, and as you can see below, it’s happening all over again.

Given that the entire main cast was wiped out by the time the credits rolled, a direct sequel was never a possibility. Luckily, though, the Mouse House has a huge amount of original content to create and deliver for Disney Plus, with prequel to a prequel Andor currently in front of cameras to put Diego Luna’s pilot front and center. Sadly, it’s the closest thing we’ll ever get to seeing the adventures of the Rogue One crew continued on the big or small screen, but it’ll do.