Roland Emmerich Weighs In On The Future Of The Independence Day Series


It’s no secret that Independence Day: Resurgence, the blockbuster sequel that was two decades in the making, persevered through its fair share of trials and tribulations during the early stages of development.

Remember ID Forever Part I and ID Forever Part II? Director Roland Emmerich evidently had big plans for his sci-fi franchise in the build up to Resurgence, but after hashing out a screenplay with Dean Devlin and co-writer Carter Blanchard circa 2014, 20th Century Fox commissioned a single sequel to the cult classic, leaving the future of the franchise up in the air.

Even after the release of Independence Day: Resurgence, questions continue to linger, and that’s even when you factor in the sequel’s cliffhanger ending. Alas, negative reviews and lowly box office returns look to have painted Fox’s larger-than-life series into a corner, and despite initially expressing a desire to craft an “intergalactic journey” with the third film, Emmerich is currently uncertain about the future of the franchise.


Chatting to Coming Soon to celebrate the home video launch of Resurgence, the filmmaker was more conservative in his estimations, stating, “next week I have a meeting with them [20th Century Fox], so not necessarily. I mean, [Resurgence] set things up for a sequel. But let’s see what happens.” Could the franchise expand to television? Emmerich teased that there are “also talks about that,” but stopped short of revealing anything concrete.

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