7 Movies People Find Romantic But Are Actually Depressing

With Valentine’s Day comes every movie websites lists of Best Movies About Love, Most Romantic Movies Ever, Best Movies To Watch On Valentine’s, and then of course the accompanying lists to balance all this out, like Best Movies For Singles On Valentine’s Day and the like. Mostly though, we get to read and hear about the same movies year after year.

And it’s sweet, and these movies are fun enough and awaken certain emotions that are expressed in a healthy way so long as we recognize the artifice of the thing that’s arousing them. And sometimes we’ll get a few movies earning mention that are legitimately and wholly lovely and romantic and heartwarming.

But there are some movies that garner this label of “romantic” when if you think about them after the warm feelings wear off, they’re kind of really depressing. It’s not just for their promotion of co-dependency, or their unrealistic portrayals of love and romance that could potentially lead to hopeless expectations for people in their real lives, although these are genuine sources of skepticism towards romantic movies. No, it’s usually because the stories themselves are a little disconcerting, sometimes downright offensive and romanticizing abuse or other unhealthy actions toward purported loved ones.

A lot of this is in jest, with full realization of the surface intentions of these movies, which are sweet and ultimately harmless in all honesty. But I’m still going to go through with a brief list of rants. Here are 7 movies that may have seemed romantic at first but, upon further reflection, are actually real downers.

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  1. PS I LOVE YOU… The letters actually start in weeks, not years. And she is romanced in flash backs by her husband, then yes later her husband’s friend and also her mother’s employee (Kathy Bates/Harry Connick Jr.). So she see a lot of action. Oddly, I hate ghost movies, but this one is realistic (well, sort of) and not half bad.

  2. Comiccowsays:

    No. No Twilight. It is depressing that it was made. It poisons the mind of girls. The girls in my class are total sluts. So yeah, no thanks for it being good.

  3. ThisIsMesays:

    Ohhh I sees. Romantic and depressing are mutually exclusive, are they? A movie couldn’t possibly be *both.*

    Also, do you people even fact check when you write about films?

  4. MikeLrgosays:

    Atonement should be on the list. I’m sure quite a few people thought it was a purely romantic film. While it is, the ending was shocking and heartbreaking, especially when one character finally tells the interviewer why he/she is planning to retire.

  5. I got through 17 minutes of Love Actually. Honestly. I had no clue what was going on, and was bored to the point of insanity by that point, so I stopped watching it. I worked in a video store at the time, and apparently, I was the only one who gave it that much of a chance, my other female co-workers didn’t make it that far. I like Rom Coms and Romantic Movies, but surprisingly, I have never seen any of the movies on this list, aside from Titantic and Romeo + Juliet, probably because they all looked depressing at the time they were released (Casablanca came out 40 years before I was born, so obviously I wasn’t around for it), and quite frankly, sedatives are the only way I’ll watch Twilight.

  6. Haha on P.S. I love you it’s not a “ghost-husband” who writes her letters. He was really sick and he knew he was about to die so he prepared letters for when he was not around anymore as a birthday gift. So WHEN HE’S ALIVE he asks her family and friends to prepare the surprise for her, but he wrote all the notes before death as a final goodbye because he knew they were so in love that she would be really depressed and he wanted her to move on with her life after he was gone. He buys tickets for Ireland so she could meet his parents because she hadn’t met them before. He only appears in the beginning of the movie and on flashbacks, but never as a ghost or something like that. Although I didn’t like that she stays with her dead husband’s friend, it’s kinda weird.

    1. someone132says:

      So her husband actually did write the letters? I thought that it was his friend all along, taking advantage of the situation. Tbh, I still think that would have been a pretty interesting twist.

  7. Lyrasays:

    I don’t think that Shakespeare’s message in Romeo and Juliet was “teenage emotions are stupid”, but more something like “this is what true love does to you.”
    I mean, you need to have experienced it before you can actually understand the concept.

  8. Gothic Guidosays:

    “is a genuine talent and is going to do amazing De Niro-like work in the future”. (Its a fact) Then again you apparently liked twilight. I’m sorry if I sound mean, but taxi driver is my favorite movie, it means so much to me. For you to say “lip bitter” will do something on the same level as him is ignorant to art and history of cinema (I’m sorry if I sound like a douchebag)

  9. Yuyun Firdausisays:

    yahhhh….that’s what I think on the very first time seen this scene

  10. Maria Paramythatzousays:

    Let’s see. Movies are the equivalent of a cap of tea and everybody likes it differently.

    For instance I don’t see the point of romance when it’s mixed with death. The Notebook bored me because I didn’t like the characters. P.S I love you was a sad memory because he is dead, yes you remember your husband who loved you but you have to get on with life and eventually move on (with another partner when you are ready).

    Titanic. I watched it only for a film course. The guy is dead in the movie, their love could not unfold why keep prolonging the pain?

    I never got to seeing Romeo and Juliet, they die anyway, what’s the point. Romance is meant to be hopeful and live on…

    Love actually. It is a love film, pretty realistic. As the title says, Love Actually.

    Then we have Twilight. Were it not for the media
    attention it got and its terrible money hungry sequels, it would have been a
    lovely story. They get together in the end, happily ever after. The sequels dragged it unnecessarily too long and killed its spirit.

  11. Allysays:

    I can’t believe Cold Mountain isn’t on this list. It is the most romantic movie I’ve ever seen, yet the most depressing movie ever. I cry every time I watch it (don’t know why I keep watching it – maybe I think the ending will magically change).

  12. Allysays:

    I can’t believe Cold Mountain isn’t on this list. It is the most romantic movie I’ve ever seen, yet the most depressing movie ever. I cry every time I watch it (don’t know why I keep watching it – maybe I think the ending will magically change).

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