Rooney Mara And Christian Bale Wanted For Spike Lee’s Oldboy?

The American Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Rooney Mara, is about to become of of the world most sought after actresses. It seems more than feasible that a lot of directors would want to snap her up, before the whole world goes nuts over her.

Warren Beatty is rumoured to have her as his female lead in his Howard Hughes biopic, and now it is rumoured that Spike Lee wants Mara to star along side Josh Brolin in his remake of the 2003 film, Oldboy.

Twitch, who were the first people to announce Spike Lee‘s involvement in the project and Brolin’s signing, have reported that Mara is Lee’s first choice for the female lead. If Mara does join the highly anticipated film, she will be playing the character Marie.

Twitch also reported that Christian Bale is the first choice to play to play the villain in the film, although there is no confirmation on his involvement. For that matter, Mara isn’t confirmed either. Both individuals are just Lee’s preferred choices, who knows if they’ll actually sign on.

If they do though, we’ll be in for quite a treat. While many are skeptical of the remake, the involvement of Brolin, Mara and Bale may help sway the skeptics’ minds.

Oldboy is eyeing a shoot later this year and is due for release at the end of 2012.