Rosario Dawson And Henry Zaga Eyed For Key Roles In New Mutants

So far, Josh Boone’s New Mutants has only two cast members in the form of Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams and Split‘s Anya Taylor-Joy. However, the team looks set to make another addition in the form of Teen Wolf actor Henry Zaga as Sunspot.

A casting announcement is expected to arrive in the near future and for those of you unfamiliar with the hero, Roberto Da Costa is a mutant with the ability to harness the sun’s power, which grants him superhuman strength, speed and durability. Born in Brazil, Roberto comes from a wealthy family and is both brash and quick tempered. Initially a member of the New Mutants, Roberto has since developed a long history with various X-Men teams and even The Avengers.

That’s exciting, to be sure, but even better is the fact “unconfirmed chatter” reportedly points to The Defenders star Rosario Dawson joining the spinoff. There’s no word on who she might be playing, but that would be a stellar casting addition. It’s previously been rumored that the New Mutants villain will be Demon Bear, so perhaps Dawson will be starring as the character in a human form? Time will tell, but either way, hopefully her casting will be made official shortly.

New Mutants is certainly shaping up to be a very interesting and exciting movie, one that’s going to dive headfirst into horror, and Josh Boone is putting together a terrific cast. A lot of the role have yet to be filled, too, so you can bet that we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one ahead of its release next Spring.