One Of The Best R-Rated Comic Book Movies Hits Netflix Next Month

V For Vendetta

One of the best R-rated comic book movies hits Netflix next month. 2005’s V for Vendetta can sometimes be overlooked as it’s not part of a modern superhero shared universe, and it doesn’t have as much of a vocal fanbase as fellow Alan Moore adaptation Watchmen, but it’s one of the best entries for mature audiences in the genre and, from midway through next month, you’ll be able to catch it on the aforementioned platform.

V for Vendetta – based on a comic published in 1988 – has been passed around between the different streaming services all year, but on November 15th it returns to Netflix. Unfortunately, it arrives too late for users to watch it on the most appropriate day – November 5th – but those who subscribe to HBO Max, its current home, will be able to do so instead.

The dystopian tale takes place in a totalitarian version of Britain presided over by the Hitler-like Adam Sutler (John Hurt). On November 5th, the day Guy Fawkes once tried to destroy the Houses of Parliament, eccentric vigilante V (Hugo Weaving) starts a year-long quest to take down Sutler and his followers and restore the country’s freedom. Natalie Portman also stars as Evey Hammond, the woman who joins V in his mission.

V For Vendetta

V for Vendetta has continued to get more and more relevant over the last 15 years, as its warnings about fascism, corrupt politicians and the complacency of the populace are probably more timely today than they were back in 2005. Though directed by James McTeigue, the movie was written and produced by the Wachowski siblings, who stuck fairly close to Moore’s original work. However, that didn’t stop the famously disgruntled writer from criticizing it.

Tell us, though, are you going to be watching V for Vendetta on Netflix next month when it arrives on the 15th? Have your say in the comments section down below.