R-Rating Confirmed For The Expendables 2

Fear not gore-hounds and blood-lusters as despite earlier rumours that the action ensemble The Expendables 2 would be branded with a neutering PG-13 rating, the MPAA has confirmed that, like its predecessor, the film will be hard-R with “strong bloody violence throughout.”

It was new addition Chuck Norris that first revealed, as per his insistence, that the follow-up to 2010’s throwback hit would be bumped down to a PG-13 rating. The former Texas Ranger cited the “vulgar dialogue in the screenplay” as a chief concern and that producers has accepted his conditions and The Expendables 2 would be classified in the category of PG-13.

Even though Sylvester Stallone backed what Norris said back at the time in January, clearly something has changed, or maybe it has simply been an undecided matter up until recently. The over-the-top slaughter was one of the endearingly-twisted qualities of The Expendables and though a confirmation of heavy violence in no way corresponds to quality, it’s good to see Stallone and co. sticking to their guns, so to speak.

Additionally, Terry Crews has come forward saying that this sequel will be funnier, overall a better movie and by all intents and purposes “the movie that Sly really wanted to make in the beginning.”

“I think the coolest part about [‘The Expendables 2’ is that we [the main cast] have a better rapport. You get to see a little more of what we are like together, even in the downtime. Whereas the first one was just action, action, action, I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised when they get a little more of our characters, because we didn’t have time for back-story in the first one. This one, you get to learn a little bit more about Dolph [Lundgren], Randy [Couture], myself and how we interact with Sly and Jason [Statham].”

Joining Stallone, Norris and Crews are returns Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, with Jean-Claude van Damme, Liam Hemsworth and Scott Adkins added to the impressive mix.

Simon West (Con-Air, The Mechanic) will direct and The Expendables 2 will assault theaters on August 17 in all of its originally intended mayhem.

Source: Screen Rant