RUMOR: Jeffrey Dean Morgan To Star In Flashpoint, Reverse Flash Will Be The Villain


With Justice League finally in cinemas, DC fans are now wondering what’s up next for the franchise. One of the most intriguing projects in the works is Flashpoint, the alt-universe movie starring Ezra Miller, and though we know very little about it at the moment, a new rumour has laid out an alleged update for us, claiming that the knowledge comes from “an incredibly reliable source” at Warner Bros.

Given that this hails from Reddit, we’d advise taking it with a pinch of salt – as always – but seeing as the social media site has yielded accurate intel in the past, we wouldn’t totally write this off just yet. After all, it does sound plausible, as you’ll see below.

“Jeffery Dean Morgan will co-star with Ezra Miller. Reverse Flash will be the main villain. The studio is still deciding if they want to use the film to change anything major for the rest of the DCEU.”

As fans will know, there’s been a lot of talk about Jeffrey Dean Morgan turning up as an alternate version of Batman in the film, mostly due to his appearance as Thomas Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The actor himself even somewhat hinted that he was in talks with the studio to star in Flashpoint. Meanwhile, Reverse-Flash has a role in the comic book storyline that the pic will be based on, so having him as the main villain of the adaptation makes a lot of sense.

As for the point about WB pondering whether to use the movie to reboot elements of the DCEU, this has been theorized about before. After all, the comic book arc ushered in a company-wide relaunch of the DC universe. Seeing as the movie franchise has so far proved controversial, it could be to the studio’s benefit to use this project to fix some of their past mistakes.

Again, though, very little about the adaptation has been confirmed and we’d advise filing this one strictly in the rumor cabinet for now. Still, if one thing’s for certain, it’s that Flashpoint is going to be a very important film for WB’s burgeoning franchise.