Rumored Matrix 4 Plot Leak Teases A Huge Time Jump


The closer we get to the release of The Matrix 4, the more we’re going to start hearing about potential plot, story and character details, regardless of their veracity. It’s part and parcel of the blockbuster business for the rumor mill to start heading into overdrive as the project in question edges further along, and the latest smattering of scuttlebutt is claiming there could be a huge time jump on the cards.

Officially, we don’t know an awful lot about The Matrix 4. In fact, we know absolutely nothing other than the fact Keanu Reeves has described it as a love story first and foremost. Despite tales to the contrary, the movie’s title is still yet to be confirmed, while we’ve heard all sorts of speculation surrounding the recasting of old favorites, time travel and a meta angle that has the potential to sink the entire narrative should it turn out to be true.

The latest offers that The Matrix 4 will be heading 60 years into the future, with the events of the original trilogy nothing but a distant memory. Quite how the real-world aspects will make sense when John Anderson would be pushing 100 years old by that point in time remain unanswered, as do most of the questions we have surrounding the film, to be fair.

Additionally, Zion will have ceased to exist, with the survivors of the human race no longer living in fear of the machines. Morpheus, who we know isn’t returning in the form of Laurence Fishburne, has died and been replaced by Jada Pinkett Smith’s Niobe as the face of the resistance.

Neo is reportedly looking to free a rebooted Trinity from the Matrix, with Neil Patrick Harris playing a new character named The Analyst, an updated version of the dreaded Architect, who brokered peace between man and machine. As mentioned earlier, it’s wildly different from other plot leaks we’ve heard in the past, but we shouldn’t be too far away from finding out the truth.