Rumored Star Wars: Episode IX Title References Kylo Ren


Disney are remaining characteristically quiet about the details of Star Wars: Episode IX, and much like that other era-closing blockbuster they’re prepping for next year, the official title for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming flick remains a point of speculation. While some fans have predicted that this reveal could be coming as soon as next month, a new report from Express claims to already have one potential candidate from the title shortlist.

That title is Star Wars: Order of Ren, suggesting connections to both Kylo Ren and and the Knights of Ren, not to mention the First Order, which Kylo took charge of in The Last Jedi. And while any such leak should be taken with a grain of salt, this one seems particularly suspicious for how it strays from the patterns established by past releases.

For one thing, both prior entries in this current Star Wars trilogy start their subtitles with ‘The.’ What’s more, with the exception of Attack of the Clones, episodes in this series tend not to get too specific with the nouns in their titles, usually only referring to things and ideas that are relevant across the franchise (e.g. ‘Jedi,’ ‘Sith,’ ‘Empire,’ ‘The Force,’ ‘Hope’).

In this regard, the name ‘Ren’ just doesn’t seem vague enough. Of course, none of this completely rules out Order of Ren as a possible subtitle, though it surely deserves disqualification simply for how clunky it sounds in a Quantum of Solace sort of way.

A suggestion that was making the rounds online a few months ago was Star Wars: A New Order, and while there’s little evidence to back up that one one, it’s still a lot more palatable that this latest idea. In any case, whatever we end up calling Star Wars: Episode IX, we’ll be seeing it on our screens from December 20th, 2019, and we can hardly wait.

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