Russo Brothers Reportedly Want More MCU Actors In Extraction 2


A lot of people were expecting Extraction to become just the latest in a long line of Netflix’s forgettable mid-budget actioners when it dropped in April, with the basic setup promising little in the way of originality, not to mention Chris Hemsworth’s less-than-stellar track record of taking top billing in movies outside of his signature role as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thor.

However, thanks to first-time director Sam Hargrave’s brutal and frequently jaw-dropping ingenuity when it came to crafting the wall-to-wall set-pieces and Hemsworth’s no-frills performance as Tyler Rake, Extraction instead ended up becoming the most popular Netflix original ever after racking up almost 100 million streams in the first four weeks it was available.

Just like that, a franchise was born, with a sequel swiftly given the green light. Production isn’t expected to start for a while yet, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Extraction 2 was in the works before it was officially confirmed by Netflix – that the Russo brothers (who produced the original, with Joe writing the script) want to bring in more of their former MCU stars to join the cast.

From what we’ve been told, Chris Evans is the current name at the very top of the list, but the Russo brothers are hardly strangers to reuniting with the various members of the Avengers in other projects. The duo produced 21 Bridges with Chadwick Boseman in the lead, Tom Holland stars in their upcoming crime thriller Cherry and Evans has already signed on to their recently-announced Netflix blockbuster The Gray Man.

While there’s a chance that roping in too many MCU alums could feel forced and gimmicky, the idea of two of the Holy Trinity of Chrises reunited in an Extraction sequel is an opportunity that seems too good to miss out on if the Russos can make it a reality.