10 Spider-Man Characters Who Need To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hobgoblin 1

Last month, Spider-Man finally joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Tom Holland suited up and swung into action in Captain America: Civil War. Next up for him is solo movie Spider-Man: Homecoming from director Jon Watts, while it’s thought that the iconic superhero will also factor into the two-part Avengers: Infinity War.

It goes without saying then that big things are on the horizon for this character, and while we already know that he’ll be squaring off with The Vulture in the reboot (played by Michael Keaton), there are plenty of great supporting characters and villains who also need to join this world in the near future.


Whether they do it in Spider-Man: Homecoming sequels or other parts of the MCU, all of the characters listed here are essential to Spidey (and many have yet to make their big screen debuts despite having decades worth of history behind them and huge fanbases).

Thanks to Marvel, Spider-Man is amazing again, but this lot would certainly help make him spectacular…