Ryan Reynolds Says He’s Down To Do A 6 Underground Sequel

6 Underground

If you thought that The Irishman was perhaps too long and boring to sit through, Netflix has heard your cries, delivering 6 Underground to its subscribers over the weekend, an action film quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Insane, over the top and totally bonkers, it’s Michael Bay at his finest, with the set pieces and stunts putting most other modern action movies to shame. And of course, the internet is loving it.

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Ben Hardy and Corey Hawkins, the plot may not make a ton of sense and require some leaps in logic, but it’s an incredibly entertaining watch and understandably, everyone’s beginning to wonder if we’ll get a sequel. Especially since 6 Underground definitely plants the seeds for one. Or, at the very least, it leaves Netflix with more than enough material to mine if they choose to jump back into this world. And while we still haven’t heard from the streaming site on whether or not they’re going to do more with the property, it seems that Reynolds is definitely interested in another outing.

Speaking at a recent press junket for the film, the actor was asked about the possibility of a sequel to 6 Underground and said he’s definitely down, telling CinePop the following:

“Yes, we would go back [for] a sequel because we love each other. This cast genuinely loves each other, so it will be fun if it happens.”

So, while that’s hardly a confirmation of Michael Bay getting the gang back together for another insane action romp, it’s nice to hear that the cast is at least interested and if those viewing figures are high enough, we imagine Netflix will be keen to do more.  For now, though, the streaming giant seemingly has another big hit on their hands with 6 Underground and as long as the positive word of mouth keeps spreading, they shouldn’t have too much trouble when it comes to deciding whether to continue on with the property or not.