Ryan Reynolds Gives Blunt Answer On The Status Of Deadpool 3


It must be tough for any actor that plays a major role in a blockbuster superhero franchise, because they’ll always get asked about their comic book gig no matter what they’re trying to promote. Joaquin Phoenix got sick of talking about Joker in a matter of months, while Hugh Jackman seems to have embraced the fact that no matter what he does for the rest of his career, every single interview he conducts will inevitably feature at least one question about Wolverine.

Similarly, Ryan Reynolds is one of the busiest stars in Hollywood, but every time he speaks to the press it always circles back around to the status of Deadpool 3 under the Merc with a Mouth’s new owners at Marvel Studios. Luckily, the 43 year-old seems like a pretty affable guy, but that didn’t stop him from shutting down another Deadpool-related question in almost record time when he was asked when he thought Wade Wilson would end up crossing paths with the Avengers.

“Three words. I don’t know. Obviously, everything is on pause right now,” he said.

It must surely get a little frustrating for Deadpool 3 to be the only line of questioning that Reynolds faces, especially when he’s got action comedies Free Guy and The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard in the can and awaiting release, sequels to Detective Pikachu, The Croods, Hobbs & Shaw and 6 Underground in various stages of development and both a time travel movie and a major supporting role in Dwayne Johnson’s Red Notice in the works for Netflix.

That being said, with a character that’s earned over $1.5 billion at the box office across two movies joining the biggest franchise in the business, Reynolds has more than likely already made his peace with the fact that Deadpool 3 is going to be first and foremost on everyone’s minds when it comes to his upcoming filmography.