Ryan Reynolds Shows His Support For Justice League Snyder Cut

batman justice league

We’re now two years on from the release of Justice Leaguebut the campaign to see the fabled Snyder cut has only gotten more intense. These fans have demonstrated an admirable dedication to their cause, applying consistent pressure to Warner Bros., having social media events in which they bombard the company with requests and also raising money for charities. Whether they’ll ultimately achieve their aim is anyone’s guess, but now at least they seem to have a high profile supporter in Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds liked a Twitter post from the @RTSnyderCut account calling for fans to “go hard for one hour” on posting about the Snyder cut. It may not be the most vocal support he could give, but at minimum, it shows an awareness of the campaign and solidarity with the fans.

So, will the Snyder cut ever see the light of day? Ever since the theatrical cut flopped into theaters fans have been debating how complete the director’s version is and how much work it would take to make it suitable for release. The stars and creatives involved have described various cuts, with a basic consensus forming that the version of Snyder’s Justice League that screened for executives in early 2017 would require some score and effects work, but not a ridiculous amount.

The real question is whether Warner Bros. wants to release it. In its favor may be that Kevin Tsujihara, the executive who booted Snyder off Justice League and replaced him with Joss Whedon, has now resigned in disgrace. Even so, releasing the Snyder cut would be an admission of fault from the studio. On top of that, they may just prefer to forget about Justice League altogether now that DC has bounced back and Joker is about to join the billion-dollar club.

Still, I think that one day we will indeed get a better look at Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League. My advice for fans is to keep fighting the good fight.