Ryan Reynolds Has Just Found His Next Movie

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a busy guy, there’s no doubt about it. And it seems he intends to keep things that way as the actor continues to find new projects to attach himself to. In fact, he’s just found his next movie, reports THR, who bring word that the Deadpool star will headline Everyday Parenting Tips.

According to the outlet, it’ll see Reynolds play “a dad dealing with the everyday challenges of family and raising kids made all the most difficult by an ongoing Great Monster Uprising.” In addition to starring, he’ll also produce with partner George Dewey through their Maximum Effort Productions banner, with The LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and Aditya Sood, also all on board in a producing capacity.

Based on a New Yorker short story from Simon Rich (who’s also writing the script here and producing, too), Everyday Parenting Tips will be helmed by Paddington‘s Paul King and as of yet, Reynolds is the only one attached to the cast. Though with the A-lister now firmly on board, you can bet that the rest of the roles will fill out quickly.

Ryan Reynolds

Of course, what this means for some of Reynolds’ other in-development projects – namely, Deadpool 3 – remains to be seen, but we imagine that he’ll be able to squeeze this one in as it doesn’t sound like the type of production that will require a ton of his time. Then again, who knows?

In any case, it certainly has a lot of talent on board and while fans would no doubt be more excited about a concrete update on the aforementioned Deadpool 3, Ryan Reynolds is enjoyable no matter where he shows up and Everyday Parenting Tips should be another solid credit for his ever-growing filmography.