Ryan Reynolds’ New Movie Gets Delayed Until May 2021

Ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds was so confident that his new movie Free Guy would hit theaters before the end of the year that he even went to the trouble of creating a promo designed entirely to make fun of all the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 release schedule. In a cruel twist of fate, though, not long after that, the film was removed from the calendar and delayed indefinitely.

And while it’s certainly disappointing that we’ll no longer see it this month, you can totally understand why Disney don’t want to release Free Guy in such a barren marketplace. After all, it looks as though it could have easily cost at least $150 million to put together. Not only that, but with Reynolds in the lead role and a high concept premise that seems like it’ll be a ton of fun, the movie has the potential to be a big hit. And thankfully, we now know when it’s set to be with us.

According to The Wrap, the Mouse House has handed Free Guy a new release date today, announcing that it’ll reach theaters on May 21st, 2021. Presumably, the world will be in a much better state by then and the film will be able to open in cinemas without issue. But we suppose that there’s still a chance it’ll have to be delayed again.

For now, though, May is when you can expect to finally lay eyes on the blockbuster, and so far, it’s shaping up to be a pretty entertaining ride. Starring Reynolds as Guy, a non-player character in an open world video game, the story follows him as he starts to become aware of this fact. Not only that, but he soon learns that the game is about to go offline.

Again, it sounds like a fun premise and with any luck, Free Guy will turn out to be a big hit at the box office, because we all know the industry could use some solid moneymakers right now.