Ryan Reynolds No Longer Reuniting With Sandra Bullock For New Movie

Ryan reynolds

Several months ago, it was reported that The Proposal co-stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were in talks to reunite for action comedy The Lost City of D, which was said to be a romantic adventure in the vein of Romancing the Stone. Reynolds already had more than enough on his plate, though, and adding another project onto the thirteen he currently has in development felt like a bit of a stretch, but the news has now filtered through that the 44 year-old has passed on the role.

The plot follows Bullock’s romance novelist, who goes on a book tour to promote her latest work, only to find herself saddled with her vapid cover model, and Channing Tatum is reportedly in final talks to play the male lead. After a botched kidnapping attempt, the two wildly different personalities find themselves stranded in the jungle where they’ll presumably overcome their differences, battle some bad guys and fall in love by the time the credits roll.

Paramount must have high hopes for The Lost City of D, especially with Bullock attached to headline the potential franchise starter, as the Academy Award winning actress has only appeared in three live-action movies since 2013. The original idea came from Horrible Bosses‘ Seth Gordon, with rom-com veteran Dana Fox putting the final polishes to a script drafted by 22 Jump Street‘s Oren Uziel.

That’s certainly a solid blend of comedic talent behind the scenes, and the two A-listers in front of the camera are no strangers to the action or comedy genres, either, so if the execution can match the potential of the premise, then The Lost City of D could turn out to be the sort of old fashioned sweeping romantic epic that the major studios don’t really tend to make anymore.