Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants A Deadpool And Captain America Team-Up

Deadpool Captain America

Creator Rob Liefeld might think that Deadpool would fare much better as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe if the studio gave Ryan Reynolds full creative control, but that’s never going to happen when everyone knows that Kevin Feige is the only person with final say.

Having steered the Merc with a Mouth through a decade of development hell and acted as the multi-billion dollar Fox franchise’s main creative driving force as star, producer and co-writer, Reynolds will have to get used to jumping through a lot more hoops than usual and navigating the minefield of studio politics now that Deadpool 3 is in development at Marvel Studios.

The MCU is very much a collaborative effort, but no actor has come close to getting the sort of freedom that Reynolds previously enjoyed on the series, so compromises will inevitably be made. The 6 Underground star isn’t going to be able to get everything he wants, then, but we’ve nonetheless heard that he’s pushing hard for Deadpool to cross paths with Captain America at some stage.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Disney Plus would delay The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and that Ryan Reynolds had a secret cameo in Hobbs & Shaw – the Deadpool star is said to be high on the idea of seeing the self-aware and irreverent antihero share the screen with the stoic and reserved star-spangled Avenger, and believes the two characters could play off each other extremely well.

While he would be happy to do it with Sam Wilson’s version of Cap, he’s also holding out hope that he might be able to team up with Chris Evans, with flashbacks and the multiverse being touted as possibilities for making it a reality if Evans ends up returning in some form. Whether it ends up happening or not, it seems pretty certain that someone like Captain America wouldn’t approve of Deadpool‘s antics, which could lead to some pretty entertaining fireworks between two superheroes with such vastly different philosophies.