Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants Deadpool To Be Violent And Brutal In The MCU


Longtime fans of the comic books and those familiar with Fox’s two movies will be more than aware that Deadpool loves to get his hands dirty, and isn’t above reducing his enemies to mincemeat if it results in the job getting done. The in-development third installment might be set in the family-friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s still going to retain the R-rating of its predecessors, so we can expect the violence to remain as bloody and gruesome as we’ve been used to seeing on the big screen so far.

In fact, insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that Ryan Reynolds wants the Merc with a Mouth to be violent and brutal in the MCU, which really wouldn’t mark any sort of noticeable change to his standard M.O. After all, in the previous duology we’ve seen him slice and dice his way through innumerable henchmen, shoot a lot of bad guys in the face and blow more than a few of them up for good measure.

Violence for the sake of violence has never been part of Deadpool’s live-action adventures so far, and it’s either been used to put across the idea that these aren’t your typical cookie cutter superhero blockbusters, or in some cases it’s played almost entirely for laughs. It isn’t clear whether or not Richtman is hinting towards a more vindictive streak for everyone’s favorite red-suited assassin, but the character has hardly been known to play nice.

Either way, it’s going to be a long time before Deadpool 3 hits the big screen, with the script currently in the very earliest stages and Reynolds’ schedule looking jam-packed for the immediate future, but the longer it takes for the project to come together, the more hype and speculation it’ll generate.