Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Asking Marvel To Make Deadpool Openly Bisexual In MCU


The Deadpool movies are beloved by fans because they’ve been able to transplant so much of Wade Wilson from the comics onto the screen. There’s one major element of the character that’s yet to make it into the series, though.

Despite a few references and jokes here and there, the Merc with the Mouth has been portrayed as heterosexual in the two films we’ve had from Fox so far. But this is apparently something that Ryan Reynolds wants to fix now that the character has found a new home at Marvel Studios.

According to tipster Daniel Richtman, Reynolds is pushing for Marvel to have Deadpool come out in the MCU. The Canadian star is said to “very much want” to explore this side of the character and has even allegedly asked Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to “make Deadpool openly bi.” That’s the phrasing Richtman uses, though as fans will know, Wade actually identifies as pansexual in the source material.

To be fair to Fox, Deadpool 2 actually featured a major first for superhero cinema, with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her girlfriend Yumiko being the very first LGBT couple in a Marvel movie. It’s unknown who was responsible for this happening in the first place – the studio? the screenwriters? – but Ryan Reynolds has made it clear that he wants much more representation in the franchise going forward. In fact, back in 2018, he even indicated that he’d like DP to come out.

Wade’s relationship with girlfriend Vanessa was a major part of Fox’s films, but it’s looking likely that she won’t be featured in Deadpool 3, so this could leave the door open for the antihero’s sexuality to be further explored. Marvel is making steps towards better LGBTQ+ rep, like Brian Tyree Henry’s character in Eternals, but we still don’t know who the first leading queer superhero in the MCU will be. Could it be Deadpool? Time will tell.