Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Trying To Get His Wife A Role In The MCU

Ryan Reynolds

What do you get the woman who has everything? That’s a question Ryan Reynolds probably asks himself every day. His stunning wife Blake Lively is a multimillionaire actress who’s married to one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. As such, trying to get her a gift that she can’t just buy herself must be extremely difficult.

The Deadpool star has apparently figured out a way to spoil his sweetheart in a way that only he can, though. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Reynolds had a secret role in Hobbs & Shaw and Netflix is developingWitcher prequel – the 43-year-old has reportedly asked Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige if he can potentially find a part for Lively in the MCU. It’s unclear who she could play, but a gig in the highest-grossing franchise of all-time would certainly be a perfect early holiday present for any actress, let alone one of Blake’s caliber.

It’s currently unknown whether the studio will consider the request, but it seems highly likely that they’ll do what ever they can to keep their leading man happy. In fact, given the recent recasting news surrounding the Deadpool franchise, it’s possible that Lively could even end up starring alongside her husband at some point in the series.

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively

Indeed, if the rumors are true that Morena Baccarin might be out as Wade Wilson’s love interest, the role of Vanessa would be a good one for the 33-year-old to slide into. Of course, there’d have to be some kind of onscreen explanation for why the character is suddenly blonde and looking completely different, but it’s nothing that a few fourth wall-breaking jokes couldn’t explain, right?

It’s also possible that Lively might want to anchor a film of her own, though. Either way, this is definitely exciting to hear about and with any luck, Feige and his team will be able to find a role for her.

But what do you think of this news? Would you like to see Blake Lively join Ryan Reynolds in the MCU, or do you believe that she’s better off watching the action unfold from the audience? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.