Ryan Reynolds Might Return As Green Lantern In The Flash


Warner Bros. will surely be hoping that the upcoming HBO Max series being developed by Arrowverse creators Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim will finally manage to divert people’s attention away from the last time the studio mounted a live-action Green Lantern project, with Martin Campbell’s blockbuster going down in history as a major box office bomb.

Of course, there’s every chance the infamous dud would have faded entirely from memory a long time ago if it wasn’t for Ryan Reynolds, who has spent the last decade reminding people of how terrible the movie is at every opportunity, and even went as far as to explain why he keeps doing it. That must be causing a lot of headaches in the boardroom, especially when HBO Max’s Green Lantern is going to be a very expensive effort and the last thing the studio wants is to invite comparisons to such an unmitigated disaster.

However, Reynolds might not be done playing Hal Jordan yet, as rumors continue to swirl that Zack Snyder wants to get the Deadpool star involved in his Justice League reshoots, with several major additions having already been made to the cast including Jared Leto’s divisive Joker. Not only that, but insider Grace Randolph is now claiming that the actor could even show up in The Flash as well.

Other members of the Corps have already been linked to an appearance in the DCEU’s multiverse-hopping blockbuster, and nobody expected Michael Keaton to make a comeback as Batman in the movie after 30 years away from the cape and cowl. As such, an unlikely return for Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern is hardly outside the realm of possibility. But at this stage, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.