Ryan Reynolds reveals which film is guaranteed to make him cry

If you’ve ever wondered if Ryan Reynolds — perhaps the wittiest man in Hollywood, renowned for never being serious about anything — ever finds the time to sit down and watch a movie or two during his free time, the answer is yes. Yes, he does.

In fact, not only does the A-list actor like to unwind in front of the box now and then, he even admits that some films are guaranteed to make him shed a tear or two. One of these, he tells The Times, is Field of Dreams.

“I cry at films. If you want to see me rocking back and forth sobbing, put me in front of the film Field of Dreams. The father/son stuff gets me every time.”

Ryan Reynolds

An adaptation of W.P. Kinsella’s 1982 novel Shoeless Joe, Field of Dreams stars Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella, a man with a dream to build a baseball pitch in a nearby cornfield after suffering from what’s essentially a midlife crisis. Turns out, this cornfield holds magical properties and serves as the staging ground for numerous renowned baseball players coming back from the afterlife to hit some home runs one last time.

If the father/son angle is a surefire way to get the tears flowing for Reynolds, one can only imagine the floodgates that open whenever he watches The Pursuit of Happiness.

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