Ryan Reynolds Says Wonder Woman Would Beat Deadpool And Black Adam

red notice

Three of Hollywood’s biggest heavyweights unite in Netflix’s latest – and most expensive – action movie, Red Notice, starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. Of course, the other thing the trio has in common is that they’re all icons of the superhero genre. Reynolds is Marvel’s Deadpool, Gadot is obviously Wonder Woman and The Rock is due to join DC very soon with Black Adam. But which of these three superpowered beings would prove victorious in a fight?

When Marvel/DC actors are asked this kind of thing, they pretty much always remain loyal to their own character and go with them. But when Reynolds was hit with this question by ET Online on the Red Notice red carpet, he went against tradition and chose Wonder Woman. Yep, the Canadian actor thinks that, though all three are pretty much “unkillable”, Gadot’s character would win out in the end. Here’s how he responded:

“Black Adam, we don’t really know,” Reynolds says. “We can’t rush to judgement before all the facts are in there. I guess that’s going to be a weird fight. I’m kind of unkillable. I don’t know what Wonder Woman’s status is there in the unkillable department — though she seems fairly unkillable. Dwayne’s gonna go just right away with Black Adam, I think. Gal’s gonna have a little humility about it and say Wonder Woman or probably Black Adam, and I’m just gonna go with Wonder Woman.”

This is obviously one for the super-fans to decide, although Diana is a demigoddess—as the daughter of Zeus—so the smart money would be on her. On the other hand, Black Adam has the power of Shazam—which is derived from the gods—so he’s not a bad bet either. And we got a taste of how ferocious he is in our first look at his origins movie. Then again, Wade Wilson has his regenerative abilities. He might not be as mighty as the other two, but he is hard to destroy. More like a cockroach than a god.

Interestingly, Dwayne Johnson doesn’t think it’s out of the question that we could see this fight play out for real on-screen, as The Rock believes that the combined sway of himself, Reynolds and Gadot might be enough to make a Marvel/DC crossover a reality.

It remains a pipedream for now, but you can catch Johnson, Gadot and Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice in limited theaters this weekend before it hits Netflix worldwide from next Friday, November 12.