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Ryan Reynolds’ sweet tweet honoring Betty White will make you cry

Ryan Reynolds has penned an emotional tribute to Betty White that is sure to make you break out the tissues.

The news that Betty White passed away in her home this morning is certainly not easy to digest. White lived a full life, not just in years, but in joy, love, and helping and honoring animals, people, and herself in the process.

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Her joyous homecoming must be a celebration in heaven today, with her loved ones welcoming her back with open arms, cheesecake, and vodka on ice. (Oh, and nothing green — White’s taste was far too superior for veggies.)

Those she leaves behind will now have to experience a world that will never be the same without her, and Ryan Reynolds shared an emotional and heartstring-pulling tweet today in her honor.

The last line of Reynolds’ tweet is a throwback to a moment in an interview where White shared a quote from her mother about death. It’s enough to make you tear up, so if you’ve managed to dry your eyes by now — grab some more tissues.

“My mother had the most wonderful approach … we know almost everything in the world, but we don’t know what happens in that moment … so whenever we lose somebody, she’d say ‘now he knows the secret.'”

Just days ago, Reynolds’ crush on White made headlines again as she shared his inability to get over her. Reynolds stated that he wished the media would stop exploiting past relationships just for clicks.

The magnetic rapport the pair had is something Reynolds will undoubtedly treasure forever. It’s something we can all treasure, too — like this video of the two on the set of The Proposal that makes us laugh every single time.

Here’s to Betty White and those who love her. May we all celebrate her longevity and her passion by living with the same joy and zest for life that she did.

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