Ryan Reynolds Thanks Fans For Deadpool 2’s Success


After so much anticipation and even one online reporter suggesting that Deadpool 2 would be a failure due to its purported poor tests screenings, the film finally debuted this weekend and it seems like we had nothing to worry about, as it’s earned almost unanimous critical acclaim and also scored a massive opening. Granted, it failed to top its predecessor, but $125 million stateside for an R-rated movie is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Taking all the above into consideration, it’s safe to say that Deadpool 2 dodged the dreaded sequel curse, then. While it’s still too early to know if it’s in the same league as other part twos like Terminator 2: Judgment Day and The Dark Knight (which became the highlights of their respective franchises), it certainly delivered everything that fans were hoping for and expected and now, star Ryan Reynolds has taken to Twitter to give thanks.

In typical irreverent fashion, the actor made sure to name-drop “Jacques Strap, Poppy Cock and Radioactive Spiders,” before mentioning, “and not Ryan.” Perhaps most importantly, though, he thanked the fans – not once, not twice, but three times, showing how grateful he is for their support.

“Thank you to the fans. To the fans, and especially the fans. The cast. The crew. Their families. Their pets. Their communicable diseases. Jimmy Changa. Tinky Winky. Dipsy. Lala. PD. Seabiscuit. Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Ron Weasley. Lorem Ipsum. Seymore Butts. Michael Hunt. Jacques Strap. Poppy Cock. The Letters M and R And The Number 7. Radioactive Spiders. Adult Diapers. Hello Kitty. The Superheroes that made it. The ones that didn’t. And not Ryan.”

So, with Deadpool 2 now having proven itself just as successful as its predecessor – more or less – all attention will soon turn towards what’s next. If Reynolds is to be believed, though, that probably won’t be a third solo outing for the Merc, as the actor’s all but ruled out a Deadpool 3.

Instead, it’s looking like X-Force will be where we see Wade Wilson next, as Fox seems eager to get the spinoff into production – and understandably so. For the time being, though, we can all sit back and relax, knowing that the Merc with a Mouth has a very bright cinematic future ahead of him, with Deadpool 2 managing to avoid suffering from sequelitis and giving the studio another big winner.

Source: Twitter