Did Deadpool 2 Manage To Avoid Suffering From Sequelitis?


After so much anticipation and even one online reporter suggesting that Deadpool 2 would be a failure due to its purported poor tests screenings, the film is finally here. It seems like we had nothing to worry about, either, as it’s garnered much acclaim and posted a massive opening weekend. Currently sitting pretty at 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, it debuted one percent higher than its predecessor. But does that mean it’s a better movie?

If you believe the Merc with a Mouth’s creator, Rob Liefeld, it is. In two Tweets, he summarized his experience as so:

“I cried at the end of Deadpool 2. Part was the nostalgia of the particular track blasting but mostly the emotion that they had landed the plane in such spectacular fashion. The plane is the movie in this analogy, there is no important plane landing sequence I’m referencing.

“I wiped those tears away as fast as I could before the lights came up because I couldn’t have everyone going ‘Why is Liefeld crying over Deadpool 2?’ Movie is a blast. Dream come true. Spectacular hurdle cleared. Get ready for Cable, Domino and the rest!”

Naturally, Liefeld is biased since it’s his creation on the big screen, so we need to look at all the evidence and analyze the facts here. Did Deadpool 2 really live up to all the hype? Let’s see…