Ryan Reynolds’ Best Tweets From Last Night’s Green Lantern Watch Party

Ryan reynolds

A lot of actors never watch their own movies ever again after the director finally calls it a wrap on set with the exception of the premiere, but given how mercilessly Ryan Reynolds has mocked Green Lantern over the last decade, it comes as a surprise to discover that he hadn’t actually seen the infamous box office bomb from start to finish until yesterday.

After all, Reynolds has gone to the trouble of explaining why it’s important for him to make fun of his failed outing as Hal Jordan, while his co-star Taika Waititi has also gotten in on the act more than once. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Green Lantern one of the worst big budget comic book adaptations ever made, but in the name of our entertainment, the leading man finally bit the bullet.

The Deadpool star announced his intentions to watch Green Lantern for the very first time yesterday, and true to form, he was happy to poke fun at it as much as possible. In fact, Reynolds even live-tweeted his experience in the name of our entertainment, and you can check out some of his reactions below.

Naturally, the actor is full of praise for the supporting cast, who were far from being one of the movie’s major problems. There’s certainly a stacked studded ensemble in play including Waititi, Blake Lively, Tim Robbins, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett and Peter Sarsgaard, but even such an assembly of talent doesn’t stand a chance of salvaging a project that came burdened with a flimsy plot and terrible script.

Knowing how far-reaching Reynolds’ influence can be on social media, there were no doubt more than a few fans who fired up Green Lantern alongside him, but at least he was right there with them to provide some added entertainment.