Ryan Reynolds Is Watching Green Lantern For The First Time Today


Ryan Reynolds has been roasting 2011’s Green Lantern ever since he starred in it. The Canadian actor has made a regular routine out of poking fun at the infamous DC flop in both his Deadpool movies and on social media and today, he’s finally putting his money where his mouth is and is enduring something he’s never actually done before: watching Green Lantern from start to finish.

As part of a St. Patrick’s Day promotion with his Aviation Gin brand, Reynolds revealed on Twitter that he’s taking the plunge this evening. It also happens that he’s going to catch up on his DC debut just before the arrival of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max tomorrow.

See below for what he had to say:

It’s funny Reynolds should mention the Snyder Cut and GL in the same tweet as there’ve long been rumors that he’ll be turning up in the director’s edition, though this possibility has pretty much been ruled out at this point. Nonetheless, speculation that he could return as Hal Jordan in a future flick – most likely the multiverse-hopping The Flash – is still rife. So, maybe there’s a secret motive to Reynolds’ rewatch and he’s preparing to get back into character as the Emerald Knight.

Ok, probably not, but it’s fun to think about. In any case, he’s committed to returning as the Merc with the Mouth first in Deadpool 3. A script is being penned now for the Marvel Studios revival of the X-Men character, with Reynolds overseeing its development, though filming won’t begin until next year due to his incredibly busy schedule.

Stay tuned to Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account for his sure-to-be hilarious commentary on his first viewing of Green Lantern