Sam Mendes Will Direct Bond 23 Next Year

With the recent news that Bond 23 is back on, we now get news that director Sam Mendes will start shooting next year. Recently, Kate Winslet was speaking about Mendes and his commitment to direct Bond 23. She confirmed that he was directing and they would start shooting towards the end of next year. She had the following to say:

“Sam is doing the next Bond film, all being well, and we’ll all be in England if that happens. It’s such a massive commitment for him and it’s not fair for him to commute backwards and forwards to New York from London. It would be impossible. The children will be there with me.”

In more Bond 23 news, apparently Mendes and producer Barbara Broccoli have begun the casting progress and the first person they’re eyeing is theater veteran Simon Russell Beale.

Not much else is known right now but at least things are back on and the wheels are starting to turn on the film. It’s going to be a while before we hear anything more but at least we know that things are moving on Bond 23.

We’ll keep you updated.