Sam Raimi to produce horror comedy ‘You’re Dead Helene’

You're Dead Helene short film

When it comes to director Sam Raimi, few can claim as large of an influence on the horror genre in a few decades.

Raimi’s excellent 1981 film Evil Dead was a prime example of very low-budget cinema bringing enough supernatural chills and inventive camera techniques to become a modern classic. Not only did it bring the world the wonderfully campy actor Bruce Campbell, but the movie’s sequels became an increasingly frenetic mix of both horror and comedy.

And despite Raimi holding his own with the excellent original Spider-Man trilogy, proving he can helm a crowd-pleasing superhero flick with the best of them, it’s still great news to hear that Raimi will be returning to his horror-comedy roots by producing a brand new film called You’re Dead Helene.

Based on a short film of the same name by Michiel Blanchart, the film rights were acquired by TriStar Pictures and set to be produced by Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures, which has also produced great contemporary horror films like Don’t Breathe and Crawl, Deadline reports. Blanchart is also set to return to direct the feature film.

Co-producing the film at Ghost House is Raimi’s longtime collaborator Rob Tapert as well as Michaël Goldberg and Boris Van Gils at Playbox Pictures.

“The film is touching and terrifying,” Raimi reportedly told the Deadline. “Michiel is one of the few modern directors that can balance humor and terror, and he does it in an exciting new way.”

And if you want even more Raimi-related content, just know that the Drag Me to Hell director is set to helm the Marvel sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, set for release on May 6, 2022.