Sandra Bullock isn’t the only star from ‘The Unforgivable’ that’s trending

Sandra Bullock the unforgivable

Even though the movie has only mustered a Rotten Tomatoes score of 39%, we can add Netflix drama The Unforgivable to the increasingly lengthy list of titles that critics and audiences firmly disagree on.

Having dethroned Red Notice to become the most-watched film on the platform just 24 hours after debuting, the hard-hitting story of Sandra Bullock’s ex-con returning to her hometown after being released from prison has been trending almost nonstop since Friday.

The RT user rating is sitting at a substantially increased 82%, with fans sharing how they’d been left emotionally devastated by another incredible performance from Bullock. However, another one of The Unforgivable‘s Academy Award-winning players has also been getting plenty of much-deserved love on Twitter, as you can see below.

With an Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, six Screen Actors Guild Awards and two Tonys in her trophy cabinet, it’s stating the obvious to call Viola Davis one of the best in the business at what she does. Most of the plaudits may be falling on Bullock, which is fair when she’s outstanding in The Unforgivable, but her co-star is every bit as good in a less-showy performance that still manages to showcase multiple sides of The Suicide Squad veteran’s almost unmatched range.