Sandra Bullock’s new Netflix movie tops the charts in 83 countries

Sandra Bullock the unforgivable

When it comes to theatrical releases, the names on the poster have arguably become less important than ever in an age where franchises and IP rules above all else when it comes to putting butts in seats. However, the opposite seems to be true when it comes to streaming exclusives.

If you look at the ten most-watched Netflix original movies ever, then a bevvy of A-list names jump out. Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot propelled Red Notice to record-breaking success, while there’s also Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction, Adam Sandler’s Murder Mystery, Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, and Charlize Theron’s The Old Guard on the list.

Sandra Bullock has previous for Netflix domination having headlined Bird Box back in 2018, and she’s at it again after FlixPatrol revealed that The Unforgivable has nabbed the top spot on the viewership rankings in 83 countries around the world.

Reviews haven’t been too kind for the gut-punching drama, but The Unforgivable has been stirring up plenty of conversation on social media, with the performances of Bullock and co-star Viola Davis coming in for considerable praise. Big names still draw on the small screen, then, which can often be a huge boost to a relatively small-scale effort that doesn’t come packing big action sequences or CGI effects.